Holy Cannoli!

If you've read my about me page, you'll know I've got Italian heritage, with family still living in a small village within Sicily.

Not long ago my Mum and Nonna went back to visit, I was so sad I couldn't go, but the goodies they brought back put the biggest smile on my face as I've been wanting a cannoli for so long!

All you need is:
Pack of Sicilian cannoli pastries
250g Mascarpone
4–5 heaped tablespoons of icing sugar
50g Milk chocolate drops

1. Fold the mascarpone, chocolate drops and icing sugar in together until well mixed.

2. To serve, you can add the sweet filling into a bowl with couple of spoons and a mountain of cannoli pastries, or pipe the cream into each italian pastry ahead of time for your guests.

The great thing about these treats is they're perfect for any occasion – with an afternoon cuppa or as a yummy desert after a dinner party.

I haven't met one person that has been able to resist my cannolis as of yet. Accept my challenge? Go on!

Italian food; savoury or sweet – I love it all!
What's your favourite 

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Swing by for a natter!

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