Mozzarella, tomato and pesto pastry appetizer – #MallChocolateChallenge

Who says chocolate can't be involved in savoury dishes? Me until about two weeks ago! But then the lovely people over at The Mall Cribbs Causeway and Hotel Chocolat sent me some really interesting goodies I couldn't wait to experiment

Check out what the products were and a fancy new pastry technique!

These products are so peculiar that I wasn't sure what to make with them, and I don't mean strange in a bad way. The ketchup and pesto are both bursting with flavour! 

So for the #MallChocolateChallenge I decided to keep it simple (as some of the best things are the most simple). 

All you need is:
Puff pastry (go on get the pre-made stuff!)
Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Ketchup
Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Pesto
100g Mozzarella

1). Roll out your puff pastry and cut into four even strips.
2). Then cut your strips into two halves to create squares.
3). Make four small cut into the centre from your corners (like below) on all of your squares

4). Take the left corner of each of your triangle shaped splits and fold into the middle – see my photos for more guidance on this!

5). Cover your pastry with the cocoa ketchup and broken bits of cheese. The amount is really up to your preference. The ketchup does have a spicy kick to it so it probably won't need as much as you initially think.

6). Bake (in a GBBO fashion)! Depending on how crispy you want cook for about 10-15 minutes on 200C – this gives you a lovely golden texture.

7). Add some pesto and pine nuts for more texture and serve!

Look at how fun they come out – so easy and super tasty! Perfect for appetizers or starters. 

Have you made any (no-so) fancy pastries?
Let me know your technique in the comments below :)

Swing by for a natter!

Disclaimer note: I was given these products for free to trial. I only posts opinions of my own organic approval.

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