Meat-free monday – autumn round up

The inevitable has happened, autumn has well and truly entered the party. I'm definitely a summer-lovin girl, but I can see how you can fall in love with the burned orange tones and warm pumpkin spiced drinks. But I can't live off roasts to keep me warm until next year, I've been searching for some tasty meat-free dishes that will warm our cockles.

Nothing beats a good old homemade soup and this one from The Londoner is no exception. Ciabatta is a must to accompany her roasted veg, feta and sage soup

You like Chinese food, yeah? Well you're going to love this carb-free egg fried rice then. It uses cauliflower instead of rice, it's a totally winner. Stick with me on this one and give it a go!

You had me at hello cheese. This zucchini rice cheese gratin from the wonderful Smitten Kitchen ticks all the right boxes for me. Hope it does for you too? You could even add lots more veg like butternut squash or sweet potato.

Eggs in purgatory is one of my family recipes but I couldn't leave it out. It truly is one of the best things to eat when you want to warm yourself up quick – and trust me it's not low on flavour, regardless of the speed in which it can be dished.

It's so hard to stick to salads during the colder seasons, so this toasted gnocchi one by Amuse Your Bouche is great for feeling warm and fulfilled whilst still keeping your weight down – enjoy!

What's your favourite thing about autumn? 
Share them below with any of your lovely fall recipes!


  1. Roasted veg, feta and sage soup? I just have to try that one!

    Henna | lifestardustandme.co.uk

    1. Trust me it's an absolutely must - perfect for warming yourself up! Let me know how you get on Henna :)


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