No-churn malted milk ice cream (with Maltesers bits)

Now Horlicks might be the perfect drink to put you to sleep but I've found an even better use for it – ice cream! And I promise you, there won't be any sleepy heads in proximity of this baby. It'll awaken your tastebuds, but I can't promise it won't put you into a food coma as once you start it's hard to stop!

You will need:
300ml Double cream
175g Condensed milk
2tbsp Salted caramel liqueur
150g Horlicks powder
120g Maltesers

1. Crush the Maltesers to what size you'd like them
2. Whisk all your ingredients together until soft peaks form (I left a handful of the broken Maltesers aside to use on top)
3. Once your mixture is thick like meringue, put it into an airtight container that holds 0.5 litres (and add the rest of your chocy bits). 
4. After freezing it for 6 hours or overnight it'll be ready to serve!

What else have you used malted milk powder for?
Share your recipes in the comments below.

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  1. YES YES YES!!! I so have to try this, and I love the idea of no churn - most of my icecream ends up like rock! Alice xx


    1. Haha aww thanks Alice :) it's so good! Alcohol is an anti-freeze and keeps the ice cream soft - no rocks in site x

  2. No churn ice cream is my favourite recipe I've tried this year, I'm obsessed. I've been thinking about creating a horlicks one since I went to Bao recently, I'm not going to lie the idea of one with malteasers sounds incredible!


    1. Hey Felicity! No-churns are amazing I love how creamy the stay :) ooo do it , let me know what you think x


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