Banana and blueberry protein flapjacks

Now you might be thinking, has she gone completely mad who wants protein flapjacks in November? I'm not dieting, i'm already drooling thinking about how many Christmas dinners I can get in before the new year! And even if this is the case, these flapjacks are so tasty you won't even realise they have protein in them!

Or, if you're a gym-goer (like i'm currently trying to be) these flapjacks are a great alternative to the ordinary shake! 

You will need:
120g rolled oats
100g My Protein banana flavoured whey powder
50g dried blueberries (cherries are also nice!)
50g sultanas
100g almond butter (but you could use peanut butter)

1. Mix whey, fruit and oats in a bowl

2. Add butter and continue mixing thoroughly

3. Put onto a baking tray or into silicone cupcake cases and leave to set over night.

4. Slice into portions and eat! 

For something so simple, the flavour is lovely! You can switch up your protein powder flavours so you don't get bored, or don't include any whey if that's not your bag.

Tweet me a photo, I'd love to see how you got on and what flavours you tried :)

Swing by for a natter!


  1. These look exceptionally yummie!

  2. Wow, these look & sound amazing! Really enjoyed the chat & finding your blog, girlie :)
    Just followed you on every platform & excited about you future posts!
    xox Nadia

    1. Aww thanks Nadia! So glad you enjoyed it :) i can't wait to have a proper look at yours too xx


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