Hotel Chocolat Christmas gift guide

OMG how is Christmas less than a month away? If you're struggling on what to get friends, relatives or even as a secret santa, I've got you covered with my Hotel Chocolat Christmas gift guide. They don't just sell boxes of choccys (not that this would be a bad thing) there is so much more on offer! 

So you may remember a couple months ago I created a recipe using Hotel Chocolat's savoury products. It was an entry into a competion... which I was pleased to find out I won! 

I was given a £100 gift voucher and thought I'd put it to good use with a Christmas gift guide! So here goes...

1). Christmas crackers – £5.00 each
Every year we get the same things; paper clip, screwdriver and tape measure. If you're bored of the same sort of crackers every year, like me – get these! They're filled with three festive chocolates, a party hat and a Christmas joke. 

2). Christmas drinking chocolate – £10.00 (250g)
Now these guys don't do your bulk standard hot chocolate power, they give us grated milk chocolate. An then to make it Christmas hot chocolate, they add everything that's festive – hazelnuts, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Perfection.

3). Cocoa mulled wine sachet (serves 3)
What other way to celebrate the holiday than with a truly festive mulled wine? It's got all the components you'd want (christmas spices, citrus peel, etc) but they've also added their own twist with cocoa nibs! The smells that surrounded my home was bloody heavenly.

4). Salted caramel & pecan chocolate spread – £6.00 (150g)
I am a devoted fan to Nutella spread, we probably get through a jar a week (when we're being extra naughty). So when I saw this concoction, I had to give it a go! It's amazing on toast, pancakes or just as a layer within a cake! The possibilities are pretty much endless.

5). White chocolate raspberry jam – £5.00 (227g)
Four words – white. chocolate. raspberry. jam. Who comes up with this stuff? Absolutely brilliant – super yummy but rather sweet, so I'd recommend only giving it to someone who loves their puds. (Check out the chocolate jam cookies I made).

6). The chocolate biscuit tin – £20.00 (475g)
I must admit, I was slightly dissapointed with the size of this biscuit tin. It's going to be a gift for one of my family members this Christmas and although it is a posh brand, the size doesn't really reflect the price. However, saying that the range of biscuits makes up for it. From shortbread, to chocolate slabs, the box has a really nice range of nibbles.

7). Winter desserts sleekster chocolate box – £22.00 (330g)
Now I know I said no chocolate boxes earlier, but this one doesn't count! The chocolates are inspired by festive flavours, such as apple strudel, mince pie brownies, gingerbread and Christmas mess!

Have you written (or seen) another Christmas gift guide?
I'd love to see it for present ideas! Share the link in the comments below :)

Or, do you want to make your own presents this year? Check out the edible gifts section within my recipe index for some inspiration!

Disclaimer: these products were chosen and bought by myself as I won them as part of a competition.

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