Sous vide cooking with Clifton's water baths

Ever heard of a culinary water bath? I hadn't before last week! The lovely people at Clifton invited me over with a few other foodie bloggers to find out what they are and how to use them with help from Professional chef Dez Turland.

After a lovely cuppa with fab foodie conversation, we got straight in to an introduction to sous vide cooking and Clifton's family history.

They started out as a company that made temperature control laboratory products, but soon realised they'd be really useful in kitchens too! As the baths control cooking temperatures, they're perfect for cooking joints of meat. 

Dez explained that because you're cooking the food sous vide, there's hardly any shrinkage or waste! Plus as the bath cost less than 3p an hour to run, you are also saving money on utilities – win win!

Next, it was time to apron up and get stuck in – cooking everything sous vide. Chef Dez prepared our starter, whilst we prepared an oriental chicken dish for the main course.

All we had to do was add all our ingredients (excluding the noodles) into one of their airtight bags. This consisted of a chicken breast, soy sauce, honey, pineapple, spring onions, chillies and a couple slices of ginger.

Once we'd pumped all the air out of the bag using their special tool, they were ready to bathe!

We had a separate bag to cook the noodles, which we also filled with a small handful of sesame seeds, spring onion and a splash of oil.

It was now time to sit back, have a cupcake (it would of been rude not too!) and let the water bath do it's magic.

Whilst we waited, we also had a tour of the factory. The lovely people at Clifton showed us their very own garden where they grow their own produce and even keep bees!

When we got back, Dez had dished us up our starter, spiced sag aloo with smoked haddock and poached egg. By cooking all three components in just one water bath, it really showed how versatile the bath can be. For quite a complex (and show-stopping) dish, it looked really easy and was absolutely delicious!

Next, it was time to tuck into our oriental chicken dish – absolutely delicious if I do say so myself!  

The method of sous vide really is a great (and natural) way of cooking food, locking in loads of flavour and is great for portion control. If I had lots of time to play about with a bath at home, I'd totally get one! You can batch cook lots of meals, freeze them and then reheat them when you want to eat them. 

They're giving away 10% off at the moment, so make sure to get one sooner rather than later if you are thinking of buying one! 

Have you ever cooked sous vide? I'd love to know what you think – share your experiences in the comments below. Or, for more posts of me exploring food at events and restaurants click here.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Clifton At Home for this post. All my posts are my honest opinion and have never been swayed by third-parties.

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