Mint chocolate brownie batter overnight protein oats

What happens when you mix mint chocolate flavouring, hazelnut milk and porridge oats? You only make the best breakfast ever... and can you believe that it's actually good for you!

It's the new year and I need to lose the holiday weight I've sadly gained from eating lots of delicious food. Plus, I've got a great incentive to help me stay focused... I'm getting married next year!  

I've made overnight oats before without the protein aspect – so if you're not too bothered about protein powder, feel feel to check out my fruity version, or swap the supplement for cocoa powder.

All you need
80g rolled oats
40g mint chocolate flavoured protein powder
1 handful of dried berries (or you could try chocolate drops – I won't tell anyone) 
100ml hazelnut milk

1). Add all your ingredients into a container, personally I think Nutella jars are the perfect size but use whatever you've got.

2).  Leave overnight to chill and then dig in! Best served chilled.

It doesn't look like much in the photos, but trust me this is a pot of true chocolate heaven and so filling!

Why not try my breakfast cake? Or if you're after something slightly more savoury, how about my eggs in purgatory

P.S. I've you've got any tips or healthy recipes, please pop them in a comment I need all the help I can get :)

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