8 edible gifts – perfect as presents

Whether it's for Easter, a birthday or christening, these homemade edible goodies are the perfect treat! 

1). Simple shortbread
I made a batch of these lovely buttery shortbread biscuits recently. Using a flower shaped stamp on the biscuits before baking, gave them a nice spring-time appearance too!

2). Welsh cakes
Another treat are welsh cakes, they're something really worth making at home as all the shop ones i've ever bought are dreadfully dry! 

3). Chocolate bark
Chocolate bark is a great gift, I created this Easter inspired version with yummy bunnys (the Malteaster kind – my absolute fave!). You could use anything from brownie pieces to peanut butter popcorn.

4). Lemon curd
I don't know what it is with jars, but being given a gift in a jar is so lovely. So why not make a batch of luscious lemon curd? I couldn't believe how easy and cheap it actually is to make.

5). Homemade Reeses Cups
After something more chocolately? How about these bad boys; my homemade version of Reeses cups.

6). Homemade Ferrero Rochers
Lastly but not least, why not try my take on Ferrero Rochers. These always go down a storm because they taste exactly the same! Only difference is the shapes, but I think this makes them more loveable.

I hope you find an edible present perfect for your occasion. 

Or, if you've got any other recipes that would be great as a gift, please share them in the comments below.


  1. These delights look yummy!

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