Pieminister's restaurant Bristol review

Forget buying a box of Pieminister pies, you can now experience the deliciousness of their pies around like-minded pie people. 

Pie and mash (for me) is the holy grail of the savoury world. Accompanied with a thick river of gravy, I couldn't ask for more. 
So when I heard they were opening up a restaurant in the centre of Bristol, I couldn't wait to experience the magic.

The decor is very urban with metal framing everywhere. It's dark setting is very similar to The Ox but without the 1920s decor.

The menu isn't extensive but has all the major players from beef to chicken, as well as their speciality, Matador pie. 

The sides won't let you down either with every option you'd ever want. I went for their classic beef pie, mash and mushy peas – perfecto!

The pricing for these pies and sides was really reasonable, working out at under £15 for the both of us!

Fancy making your own pie? Check out my chicken, bacon and leek. Or if you're more of a pasty person click here.


  1. for less than £15 for two meals, that's amazing! I love a good pie, always come away from food shows and markets with a bag full! Alice xx


  2. It's fab isn't it Alice! Pies are literally my kryptonite hehe xx


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