Raspberry, blueberry, lemon yoghurt loaf cake

Perfect for any occasion, this cake is a great twist from the fruity classic. It's deliciously light and has a lovely body of flavour.

You will need
190g plain flour (plus 1tbsp if you're using fruit)
2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp salt
230g plain yogurt
215g golden caster sugar (plus 1tbsp for your glaze)
3 eggs
2tsp grated lemon zest (2 lemons)
1/2tsp pure vanilla extract
120 ml vegetable oil
255g summer fruits – I used raspberries and blueberries
80ml lemon juice (fresh)

1). Preheat your oven to 180C and line your loaf tin with baking paper. 

2). Into a bowl, sift 190g flour, as well as your baking powder and salt. 

3). Whisk your yogurt, sugar, eggs, lemon zest, vanilla and oil together in another bowl. 

4). Fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. 

5). Mix your fruit into the remaining flour until completely covered.

6). Fold the floured fruit into your cake batter. 

7). Pour the batter into your loaf tin and bake for about 50mins, or until golden and cooked in the centre.

8). Whilst your cake is in the oven, cook the lemon juice and tablespoon of sugar in a small pan until the sugar dissolves. Once the mixture is clear, set aside. 

9).  Allow the cake to cool in the tin for 10mins. Once cooled, stab the cake with a toothpick all over the top and pour the lemon glaze over the cake to allow it to soak in.

10). Leave to cool and serve.

The fresh raspberries and blueberries fill the loaf cake with beautiful bursts of colour and flavour, meaning that each bite gives you a variety of flavour.

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