Strawberry Chantilly meringue mess

For the days when you've only got minutes to whip something up, this summery sweet treat will tickle taste buds of all ages, and with minimal effort too!

You will need:
1 pack of meringue nests (these last for ages so they're  really handy to keep stashed away for times in need)
1 punnet of strawberries, or any other fruit you have available
350ml double cream
1tbsp vanilla extract
50g icing sugar

Optional: strawberry sauce or/and a handful of berries – great to spruce up the dessert with even more pops of beautiful colour.

1). Use an electric whisk to mix the vanilla extract and icing sugar into the cream. Stop once the cream is extra thick

2). Slice strawberries into quarters and break up meringue into pieces

3). Fold fruit and fruit and meringue into cream

4). Serve

Although this dessert is super simple, I had to share it to celebrate the first day of summer 2016! For me, this treat encompasses everything about the glorious summer season.

Plus, by mixing vanilla extract and icing sugar into the cream it tastes just like Chantilly cream – the ultimate indulger with zero effort!

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