5 apps every UK foodie needs

Forget apps like Instagram, JustEat, Deliveroo and Foodgawker, I've found 5 apps that every foodie will want to download.

From deliveries and foodspiration, to finding hidden foodie gems in your city – I've got every app you'll ever want.

Think Tinder but for food. Swipe right to save food inspiration and recipes, or left to forget them. 

The clever app learns your preferences each time you use it and will deliver you suggestions based on your favourites. Plus, it lets you browse your favourites by ingredient and course (drinks, desserts, etc). 

The founders are currently looking to add user profiles to encourage interactivity between foodies.

The Bon Appetour app brings people together through local experiences – the 'Airbnb for local food experiences'. 

Inspired by a backpacking trip, this app enables people to find out about events around them. These happenings range from home-cooked meals, cookery classes and pop-up restaurants. 

The app will handle payment and any support needed, to ensure hosts can spend more time on making their event fabulous! 

A mix between Google Maps, Trip Advisor and Pinterest. It's an app that allows you to browse food being served in restaurants and take aways within close proximity to you. 

Plus, it allows you to read reviews from other users who have already tried it. You can browse cities, restaurants as well as dishes. 

'It's Uber, for froyo' – love this! Sadly, its not available in Bristol yet, but it is for other cities around the UK. The app is secondary to the taxi Uber app and allows you to choose from a selection of lunch options each day. 

Food is pre-packaged and temperature controlled within each car to ensure speedy deliveries. Uber are also interested in picking up dishes from take aways to deliver straight to your door. 

Imagine you're in town, with friends and up for a good night, but can't decide where to go. Well this app, with help from Uber, Yelp and Foursquare, will take you to a highly rated bar within your city. 

But what makes this app so special is that the venue will stay a secret. Instead of revealing the location, an Uber will pick you up and drive you to your next place – you'll find out where, when you arrive! To ensure it doesn't take you to somewhere closed, the app even checks to make sure it's open. Let the adventure begin!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about these apps as much as I did. Which is your favourite? I can't wait to use Bar Roulette! 

If you know of any other apps worth downloading, add them to the comments below :)

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