Ivy Clifton Brasserie Bristol

The Ivy Clifton Brasserie has landed in Bristol and it's oh so fabulous. Being the first of the Ivy Collection to open outside London, it's becoming the talk of the town.

I was lucky enough to work with the restaurant pre-launch, so have been eagerly waiting for their gorgeous doors to swing open. 

Trust me when I say, it's been worth the wait. As part of the Ivy Collection, the restaurant oozes that 1920s art decor elegance and glamour.

Opening just a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to book a table and decided to treat my mum. 

Along with our delicious cocktails, we started off by tucking into a goblet of delicious arancini (make sure you try these bad boys if you ever visit!)

I had steak tartar to start, and my mum had a watermelon and tomato salad – both really tasty but not necessarily mind-blowing food.

For our mains, we both ordered ribeye steak. Now these were out-of-this-world and so tender. It might of even been one of the best steaks I've ever had – definitely up their with The Ox.

We had our steaks with parmesan and truffle chips (YUM!) and zucchini fries. The fries weren't as nice as the chips as they were quite over-seasoned and slightly too salty for us.

 After a little rest, we pulled ourselves together and got ready for our third and final dishes of the night. 

I had the lemon baked alaska which was very nice, although I felt it needed another flavour, such as raspberry, to bring another level to the dessert. However it was very tasty and the ice cream within the middle was a lovely surprise.

My mum on the other hand ordered their chocolate bomb, which a member of staff has to pour the salted caramel over the bomb in order for it to change into a bowl - we were very impressed.

Although the after-math wasn't as elegant as the initial presentation.

The food wasn't 100% perfect, but we had a really lovely time. The service was second to none and we really felt a passion for the food and hospitality from The Ivy Clifton Brasserie.

Serving breakfast, brunchafternoon tea, as well as lunch, dinner and cocktails, they've really got something for everyone (although it is slightly pricey so perhaps it's one for special occasions). 

Has anyone else been yet? Did you love/hate it? I'd love to hear what you guys think – share your comments below.

Disclaimer: this visit was complimentary, however in no way impacts my views or opinions.


  1. I've eaten here - it's so delicious. Such a lovely addition to Clifton! Lauren - www.theyoproedit.com

    1. Agree with you there! It's perfect for special occasions :) Thanks Lauren.


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