Mars bar tray bake

Forget tiffin, this baby will be your new and improved fridge cake – trust me. Perfect to serve to friends, or keep for yourself with a nice cuppa. 

You will need:
6 standard size Mars Bars
2tbp golden syrup
85g butter
250g rice crispies
100g raisins (my special twist on the classic)
300g Galaxy chocolate

1). Melt the Mars Bars, golden syrup and butter over simmering water. Be patient as it's important you don't burn the mixture.

2). Once the mixture is completely smooth, fold in the raisins and rice crispies until well mixed.

3). Line your tray with cling-film and add your mixture into the tray. Make sure all areas of the tray are full with the rice crispies with no gaps. Leave in fridge overnight to set.

4). Melt chocolate over simmering water until smooth. Once it's broken down to a liquid, poor over the set mars bar mixture and put back into the fridge to set (at least 7 hours). 

5). Cut into triangles and serve.

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