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I don’t cry over split milk, but a fallen scoop of ice cream is enough to ruin my whole day. – Terri Guillemets

Cakes, brownies & waffles

7up cake
Lion fondant cake
Banana, white choc & walnut cake
Extra moist lemon drizzle cake
Avocado brownies
0% fat greek yoghurt brownies
Breakfast cake
Vanilla, lemon curd & blueberry mini cream cakes
Crunchie cupcakes
Raspberry, blueberry and lemon yoghurt loaf cake
Buttercream filled carrot cupcakes
Mixed fruit scones
Meringue madness
Carrot cake
Raspberry and avocado fudge brownies
Lemon poppyseed cake
Quick griddle pan waffles
Chocolate banana cake
Apple and cinnamon pancakes


Baked banana & chocolate doughnuts
Baked blueberry & lemon doughnuts
Custard filled, double chocolate baked doughnuts
8 of my favourite baked doughnut recipes

Biscuits, cookies & flapjacks

Dan's mammy's Welsh cakes
Simple shortbread
Viennese whirls
Raspberry white chic jam cookies [Copycat Millie's Cookies recipe]
American peanut & double choc chunk cookies
Lemon curd & white choc chunk cookies
Homemade wagon wheels (moon pies)
Banana and blueberry protein flapjacks 
Mars tray bake

Chocolates & edible gifts

Posh choco buttons
Butter-free truffles
Strawberry chocolate hearts
Homemade Ferrero Rochers
Homemade Reese's Cups 
Choccy dessert cups
Sweet mascarpone filled cannolis
Chocolate grapes
Cinnamon sugared, Nutella filled bites
Homemade lemon curd


The best banana split ever
Baileys, chocolate and cream waffle
Tasty tiramisu with twist
Chocolate peanut and marshmallow popcorn
Chantilly meringue mess

Ice cream

Chocolate gelato (dairy-free)
No churn salted caramel & fudge ice cream
Chocolate and marshmallow no churn ice cream
Crunchie bar no churn ice cream
No-churn malted milk ice cream (with Maltesers bits)
No-churn Cadbury Cream Egg ice cream

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